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Understanding Hard Money Loans

Houston Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are an important resource for those who are seeking cash flow from rental income and need a rehab loan. Hard Money Loans will give you the ability to finance many of your carrying costs which will give you a great return on your investment since it can minimize the cash outlay usually required for non owner occupied (investment property) purchases.

This in turn will greatly increase your cash on cash return and in some situations give you an infinite cash on cash return because you can be left with no money in the deal when you go into your permanent financing. In fact, hard money can increase the NOI of most deals because it enables you to have a minimal out of pocket expense in a real property investment. This means whether it is a residential hard money loan or a commercial hard money loan the same arithmetic translates to a better ROI. Please contact your Zeus Mortgage Bank Loan Officer for your free deal analysis and strategy session.

Zeus Mortgage Bank is a premiere Houston hard money lender. Many of our clients are wholesalers, house flippers and real estate investors. Our interest rates are great and we have low points and fees. We are veteran hard money lenders and have many years in the industry.