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What Investors Really Need to Know About Real Estate Lending

Real Estate market is booming right now. With the amount of jobs that are being created, now is a great time to get into the Real Estate Investing business! But many first time investors often wonder “How?” “How do I get started? And where does the money come from?” The secret the most successful Real […]

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Real Estate Financing Which Option is Best for Me?

One of the oldest adages in investing goes something like, “Land is always a good investment because we can’t make more of it.” This still rings true today and is a great way for someone to diversify their portfolio without having to worry about the volatility of the stock market. But how does one invest? […]

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Tips for Real Estate Investors What are Real Estate Lenders in Houston Looking for?

Many of the most successful real estate investors use “other people’s money” (short-term interest-only loans) to purchase and rehab their projects. Then they pay back the loan when the sell the property, or refinance rental property into a conventional mortgage. This strategy gives them the ability to go about their business with less of their […]

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Why Top Producers in Houston Use Real Estate Lenders like Zeus Hard Money

What do Top Producers have that the average realtor does not? Is it better marketing or better clients? No…Top Producers have a tool in their toolbox that others do not: Zeus Hard Money. So why use hard money lenders? Keep More Cash • The difference between the purchase price and appraised value is considered part […]

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What’s the Difference Between Houston Real Estate Lenders for Real Estate Investors?

Many times conventional lending is not the best option for real estate investors. Maybe the property doesn’t qualify, maybe the borrower’s income or credit is un-conventional, maybe the transaction has to happen in days…not months or they’ll lose the property, or maybe they want to hold on to more of their cash for additional investing. […]

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Attention Houston Investment Real Estate Lenders

It’s a great time for the Real Estate Investing business! The secret most successful Real Estate Investors know is that the smartest way to optimize your own money is to use someone else’s. Why invest all of your own money on one project, when you can borrow from someone else and work on three at […]