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How Real Estate Borrowers Keep More Cash by Using Zeus

One of the biggest factors driving the phenomenal growth of Zeus CrowdFunding is the increasing inflexibility of traditional bank lenders. Since the real estate crash of 2007, banks have become conservative and restrictive in their lending. They play it safe, making sure that all of their requirement boxes are checked off before loosening their grip on so much as a dime.

Zeus CrowdFunding is different. We know that a great real estate deal doesn’t always fit into the tiny little checkboxes on a traditional loan form. Banks aren’t interested in the circumstances behind your loan or mortgage, and they don’t have the flexibility to take a deeper look into borrowers’ actual ability to pay back a loan. The market demanded a better solution for borrowers who need real estate projects funded fast without a big down payment or a perfect credit history.

That’s exactly what Zeus CrowdFunding was created to provide. We’re the fastest real estate crowdfunding site in America, and the quickness begins with our loan application. The ZCF application only takes three minutes to fill out, but we won’t be checking off any boxes. Our objective with every crowdfunding application is to fully understand the circumstances and situation behind every potential transaction, including the borrower’s requirements, the real estate asset, the exit strategy, and more.

Armed with all of the facts, we tailor solutions that address the needs of each specific situation. One of the biggest reasons to choose Zeus CrowdFunding is that we don’t require a large down payment in order to fund your project in full. That’s right: We offer up to 100 percent financing for approved real estate projects!

Why? It’s simple. Large down payments keep borrowers from borrowing, or at the very least limit their growth opportunities when it comes to purchasing real estate. Banks and traditional mortgage lenders require anywhere from 20–30 percent of the purchase price as a down payment. That’s not a workable solution for many real estate buyers who are purchasing properties to rent or flip. Zeus CrowdFunding allows these savvy borrowers to avoid large down payments and keep more of their very own cash as working capital. By offering up to 100-percent financing, we allow our borrowers to conserve their capital to be used when and where they need it most.

As an industry leader in the real estate crowdfunding sector, Zeus CrowdFunding has seen time and again that there are viable patterns of liquidity, collateral, and opportunity that are routinely overlooked by traditional real estate lenders. No income? Weird credit history? Time-sensitive closing requirements? And you STILL want to buy real estate? We’ll bet there’s a story there. Fill out our three-minute application so that you can tell us all about it. We like to help!

Posted on: May 15th, 2017