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How to Get Real Estate Projects Funded Fast

Crowdfunded financing is the fastest option available to get your real estate projects funded fast. Speed is a critical advantage that crowdfunding holds over more traditional forms of financing, including mortgage loans and hard-money loans. Under the right circumstances, Zeus CrowdFunding finances borrowers in as few as four days.

Unfortunately, not every borrower gets their money quite that fast. We’d like to change that. Zeus CrowdFunding takes pride in being the fastest real estate crowdfunding site in America, and we’re always striving to get users their funding faster and more easily than anyone else. That’s why we’ve put together this checklist of tips to ensure your real estate project is approved quickly.

Raising capital for a real estate project using Zeus CrowdFunding is always easiest when borrowers come prepared. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to join the Z-Crowd and get funded fast:

  1. Sign Up at – The first step is simple. Visit and sign up for your free real estate crowdfunding account. Right away, you can submit a real estate project for funding and browse other projects on our online crowdfunding platform, 24/7.

  2. Submit a Project – After you create an account, click on “Start Borrowing.” Next, provide Zeus CrowdFunding with important information about the real estate opportunity you want to get funded. Follow the instructions to fill out the application and upload your documents—it takes just a few minutes. Anyone can join and submit an application. Once we’ve reviewed your application, a Zeus Borrower Specialist will contact you to go over it and answer any questions you may have.

  3. Get Approval – Before your application is approved, we’ll need information about your project and will run a background and credit check. Your renovation plan and budget will also be requested. Zeus conducts this due diligence quickly and thoroughly to ensure that the funding process goes smoothly every time.

  4. Raise Funds from Many Different Investors – Typically, we fund up to 80 percent of your project’s after-repair value (ARV) for existing structures. The average funding for builders is 50 percent. With a higher ARV, you may pay higher points. If the money you need (Acquisition Price + Repair Costs + Fees) is equal to or less than the money you qualify for (the funding amount based on the percent of the property’s appraised ARV), you essentially get 100 percent of your project financed!

Posted on: November 15th, 2016