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Brokers Always Protected

The relationship Zeus CrowdFunding builds with our Brokers and their clients is very important to us. We want to protect that that relationship and continue to build on to it.

Brokers are compensated for your hard work! To put it simply, unless the broker or borrower agrees otherwise, brokers earn their commission/referral fee once the subject property is closed and funded.

Your client is always your client! Brokers and their borrowers are connected and updated throughout the entire process.

To apply for our broker program, simply fill out and sign the application. We’ll get back to you right away.

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Keep More of Your Cash Conservation of capital is a pillar of a smart real estate investment strategy. Large down payments can be daunting and limit your growth when it comes to purchasing real estate. Traditional lenders require anywhere from 20% - 30% down. Zeus CrowdFunding allows you to avoid large down payments and keep more of your cash as working capital, by offering up to 100% financing so you can use your cash when and where you need it most.
Non-Traditional Borrowers Borrowers who have non-traditional income, non-traditional assets, or non-traditional credit are often limited in their financing options.
Non-Traditional Properties A property that needs flooring, HVAC, or appliances will not qualify for traditional financing. Properties that require renovations for the optimal resale value don’t qualify for traditional financing either.
Time Sensitive Closings Distressed sales and purchases, and time sensitive and contingency closings are common in real estate. These scenarios require quick closings but the average turnaround time for a traditional closing is 45 calendar days (depending on the market area).
Unique Circumstances Traditional "inside-the-box" lending leaves no room for the story behind the circumstances. These stories can unveil fact patterns of liquidity, collateral, and opportunity. Imagine the single mother with poor credit and no income, who is actually a widow of a slain police officer simply waiting for her new pension and life insurance proceeds. Or, the retired executive with no reportable or taxable income, but large assets and a perfect credit profile.

Why Choose
Zeus CrowdFunding?

Many times, a great real estate deal doesn’t fit into the tiny little boxes on a conventional loan form. At Zeus CrowdFunding, our objective is to fully understand the circumstances and situation behind every transaction, including the borrower’s requirements, the real estate asset, the exit strategy, and more. Armed with all of the facts, we tailor solutions that address the needs of each specific situation.

Here are a few instances when Zeus CrowdFunding is the best financial choice.


  • +-How and when do I get paid?

    You have the ability to earn up to 3% of the loan amount paid directly to you on the Closing HUD, and receive your 1099 at the end of the year. Simple as that!

  • +-What are your qualification requirements?

    Our programs are incredibly flexible and can be created to custom fit your borrowers special circumstance. Our crowdfunding specialists are only a phone call away to discuss any scenario and pre-qualify your client within minutes.

  • +-What documents do I need to collect from my client?

    That depends on their exit strategy.

    If a borrower plans to sell the property, they will need the following:

    • Most recent 60 day(s) asset statements (checking, saving, etc.) all pages please.
    • Copy photo ID

    If a borrower intends to re-finance and hold onto the property they need:

    • Most recent 2 years signed tax returns, with all schedules, and with all pages (business and personal if applicable).
    • Most recent 30 day(s) paycheck stubs.
    • Most recent 60 day(s) asset statements (checking, saving etc.) all pages please.
    • Photo ID and SS card.
    • Copy of current mortgage statements for all properties owned.
    • Copy of current Home Owner’s Insurance Declarations Pages for all the properties owned.
    • Fully executed lease agreements for all properties owned.
    • Annual property tax bill for all the properties owned.

  • +-How do I refer a client to you?

    Referring a client is simple. Create a Broker Account by clicking on START BROKERING and we will connect you and the borrower’s accounts.

Still have questions? Check out the rest of our FAQ’s.

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