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Anatomy of a Zeus CrowdFunding Real Estate Transaction

Every day we welcome new borrowers to Zeus CrowdFunding who are looking to fund their next real estate deal fast with zero hassles. Thanks to the fastest real estate crowdfunding site in America, even first-time borrowers are eligible to receive up to 80% of a project’s after-repair value (ARV) in just 5–10 days. Even better, Zeus CrowdFunding members are paying a measly 9.5% interest rate with a 1.5% up-front origination fee.

The speed and the terms that we offer real estate borrowers are so unheard of that some people have a hard time believing it. Fortunately, since Zeus CrowdFunding strongly believes in transparency, we’re always happy to help walk house-flippers and other potential borrowers through the anatomy of our real estate crowdfunding deals. It’s simpler than you might think! Here’s how it works:

1. Create Your Zeus CrowdFunding Account

It doesn’t get much easier than this! It only takes three minutes to fill out our pre-approval application form online. All you have to do is tell us a little bit about yourself so that one of our lightning-fast real estate lending experts can contact you with the next steps. There are no strings attached! You can create an account and then never use it if you like. Creating your account doesn’t obligate you to do anything more. It’s just a quick and easy first step.

2. Submit Your Real Estate Project

Tell our real estate experts about your next project! Zeus CrowdFunding is always on the lookout for a promising new real estate deal, and so is our crowd of investors! We lend up 80% of every project’s ARV, and we pre-fund every approved project before we list it on our site for investment. That means our borrowers get funded in full faster! All we need are the details to engineer a custom lending solution for your project.

3. Term Selection and Due Diligence

Like everything else, Zeus CrowdFunding completes our due diligence and term offers FAST! We work with real estate borrowers from across the country every day, and none of them are under any obligation to accept our terms. They do because we do our homework, make great offers, and close every deal as quickly as we can. Contact us now and we’ll show you!

4. Get Funded, Get Started

Our borrowers get funded fast so they can start their real estate project fast and finish it fast! Speed is important to us because speed is important to the Z-Crowd borrowers that we deal with every day. The faster you get started on your project, the faster it can sell and the faster our crowdfund investors see a return on their money.

5. Payoff, Then Repeat

Once a project property is sold or transitioned into a conventional loan for holding and every investor gets their share, it’s high-fives all around at Zeus CrowdFunding! We still love completing a successful crowdfunding deal, and we’ve completed a lot of them. The best part is that the payoff isn’t the end. We encourage all of our borrowers to get right back out there and bring us the next project! That’s why we offer the real estate crowdfunding industry’s ONLY loyalty program: LoyaltyZ. Repeat borrowers get even faster and better lending options from us than first-time borrowers!

And that’s it: five steps to real estate crowdfunding success! We’ve helped so many real estate borrowers and investors realize their dreams and earn real money in a premium asset class. We can do the same for you, if you’re ready! Just complete Step 1 and proceed at your own pace. You can contact us anytime with questions and concerns—we’re always available to help!

Posted on: July 5th, 2017