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Zeus CrowdFunding is the fastest real estate crowdfunding lender in the United States. In 2016, we launched our online crowdfunding platform. We are funded proportionately by institutional and private investors. We specialize in short-term, event driven, or project driven real estate opportunities aligning borrowers and investors. We offer our Z-CrowdTM investors attractive risk-adjusted returns in semi-liquid investments while offering guarantees for the preservation of capital.

For more than a decade, we’ve funded over $250 million in residential and commercial real estate using our offline crowdfunding platform and nearly $2 billion in traditional mortgage loans.

With access to our Z-CrowdTM investors, we offer qualified borrowers with quality real estate opportunities financing options at or below market terms in a quick and efficient manner.

Our Triple Win PromiseTM guarantees funding of every approved project so the borrower can get started immediately. It also guarantees investors secure, semi-liquid investments with above market earnings. That means all parties are aligned on the successful completion of the project.

Zeus CrowdFunding has an exceptional reputation for funding short-term non-traditional or asset-based real estate transactions. An alternative to traditional bank lending, hard money, or private money, Zeus CrowdFunding specializes in lending opportunities up to $2 million, secured by first lien and personal guarantees.

The Zeus CrowdFunding platform allows for flexibility to structure custom-tailored financing, which addresses a variety of unique transactions involving property acquisition, refinancing, discounted home buying, renovation projects, transitional properties, non-traditional borrowers, fix-and-flip projects, fix-and-hold projects, transactional financing, gap financing, and transactions requiring time-sensitive funding.


Our mission is to balance opportunity and responsibility
with credibility and transparency on
America’s fastest real estate crowdfunding platform.TM


You can count on us. Our numbers prove it.


In Total Funds Invested


Returned To Investors


Total Losses Since Inception


Average Annualized Investor Return


Of Investments Are Made By Repeat Investors

< .004%

Default Rate Since 2007



We can fund real estate projects in as little as 4 days so you can focus on the project and get started right away. There are no upfront origination fees meaning, you’ll need less cash to close.


Earn up to 14% APR in truly passive income. We offer semi-liquidity which allows you to withdraw your principal if needed. We don’t collect origination fees until the investors are repaid their principal and interest. You can invest with confidence knowing that we have a stake in every investment opportunity.


We are the first to have a stake in every approved project and collect our origination fees last. We are fully aligned with your interests and invested in your success.



About Careers


We Are Always Looking
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Zeus CrowdFunding is recruiting professional, goal-oriented individuals who want to pursue their passion with the fastest lender in America. We aim to provide you with the knowledge and support to be the best in the industry. Our staff will work with you to develop and market your lending niche.


Zeus CrowdFunding Offers:

Fast Career & Skill Development

Our core value is that “We grow our people to grow our business”

Eligibility for Employee Restricted Stock on Your First Day

"We give ERSP stock away to employees who excel"

High Performance Pay

You will earn double the industry average salary with us


Whether you have lending experience or are new to the industry, you owe it to yourself to work for the best.
To learn more about career opportunities, please email us at
Zeus CrowdFunding is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.


I have invested several million dollars with Zeus and have enjoyed excellent above market returns with solid collateral. Their team is great to work with and they have the experience to keep my investment safe. With Zeus, my money really does work for me.

- Lenny Teninbaum

Zeus has invested my money in residential real estate for several years. They have done everything they said they would do. I highly recommend them.

- Eric Kashdan

Zeus makes it easy for me to keep my money working hard so I don’t have to. They are honest, fair, and the deals make sense. Best of all, they keep their word and pay as promised. Highly recommended!

- Daphne Rambo

In searching for a risk averse alternative investment vehicle for our family’s retirement funds, I found what I was looking for as an investor in the Zeus alternative lending program. Returns have exceeded the bond market while avoiding nearly all traditional interest rate risk. It has been an enjoyable and profitable experience working with Zeus. I have completed multiple short-term loan deals secured by real estate with no unexpected issues or surprises.

- Mike Hall

My father and I have invested with Zeus for many years. The returns are safe and consistent.

- Adam Teninbaum

These folks really know how to get things done. I’ve done 6 projects with them and can’t say enough about their awesome communications and accessibility…24×7. The processing and underwriting are really on top of it too…very fast and efficient. Just a great outfit to work with.

- David Layman

Zeus really got me into the game. They provided me with great information and really helped walk me through the process on my first project. I really feel like they’re behind me every step of the way. Can’t wait to get started on my next project!

- Dr. Obidike Kamau

I’ve been doing real-estate projects for over 5 years and now have 2 projects going with Zeus. I have to say that at Zeus, the decisions are made quickly and the funding is fast. The person I’ve been working with there is simply amazing. Great communication!

- Scott M Smith

My experience with Zeus was excellent during the financing of an investment project. Zeus explained to me what was required of me upfront and resolved quickly and to my satisfaction any issues that came up. We closed in less than a week. I highly recommend Zeus and look forward to working with them for my future projects.

- Abdi Farah

The first time I used Zeus was about 5 years ago and have been working with them since. I like how quick the renovation draws are. Good communication; I always know where things stand. And the transition into conventional financing for my buy & hold property has been smooth.

- Gabriel Rodela

I’ve been doing investment projects since 2013 and have done 7 funding transactions with Zeus with more planned for the future. They have guided me through a couple of complicated scenarios and always tried to get me the best deal. They are conscientious and I feel like they really have my best interest mind. The person I work with is refreshing and up front, a real rock star. Whenever I need financing, Zeus is top of mind!

- Jeffrey White

I have had a very good experience with Zeus and I was impressed with the way everyone handled all questions and processes. I will definitely use you again on my next purchase very soon.

- Elvira Rodrigues

I’ve been doing investment properties for about 2 years. I’ve done one project with Zeus and have another underway. The process was fast and it was always very clear what was happening next. The people I work with make everything easy and seamless.

- Amer Musharbash

Working with Zeus has been a great experience. They made the process simple and promptly responded to any concerns I had. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

- David L Spence

I’m relatively new to this, but Zeus was really helpful with my first project. I’m a numbers person, and what I enjoyed most was the ability to go through several scenarios until we found options that were just the right fit. I’ve just found a new project that needs to close in 2 weeks. I’ve come back to Zeus for that one too. I know they’ll get it done right and get it done fast.

- Derek Butts

I’ve been in real estate for 30 years and been doing investment properties for about 5 years. I was very impressed by a speaker from Zeus and decided to give them a try. We just completed our first transaction and I have to say it was expeditious and painless. The due diligence wasn’t overbearing either. Awesome communications and responsiveness. So many good reasons to do business with Zeus.

- Nick Psillas