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3 Good Reasons to Fund Your Project with Zeus CrowdFunding

There’s no shortage of financing options when it comes to real estate. For many borrowers interested in buying a home to live in, a traditional mortgage loan from the bank is often preferred, but there are all kinds of terrific real estate deals that, for one reason or another, simply don’t qualify for a traditional mortgage loan. There are other options for the borrowers whose projects don’t fit as neatly into the little checkboxes on a mortgage approval form. There are hard money loans or private loans, for example. And then there’s the next evolution of the hard money loan: real estate crowdfunding!

That’s where Zeus CrowdFunding comes in. We offer real estate borrowers across the country incredible, low interest rates and fast closing times from our headquarters in Houston, Texas. Why do more and more borrowers choose Zeus every day? Here are three reasons:

1. Zeus CrowdFunding is less restrictive than traditional sources of financing.

We judge every funding opportunity differently than banks, mortgage companies, and other private and institutional lenders do. If you’ve been turned down for a real estate loan before, fill out your Zeus CrowdFunding application today! We pride ourselves on working with borrowers to create customized funding options to suit every project.

2. Zeus CrowdFunding costs you less.

Cost is one of the most common reasons that real estate borrowers choose Zeus CrowdFunding over bank lending. Our online platform requires much lower overhead compared to banks, which translates to fewer fees and lower interest rates for borrowers. Ask us about our no-upfront origination fee option!

3. Zeus CrowdFunding is faster and easier!

Why wait months for a loan to be approved through a bank? Zeus CrowdFunding offers borrowers funding in a matter of DAYS! As America’s fastest crowdfunding site, we take pride in the fact that our lending process requires a fraction of the time needed to obtain a bank loan or bridge loan. That’s why Zeus CrowdFunding is becoming the go-to source for capital for fix and flip, fix and hold, construction and more.

Ready to learn more about the advantages of Zeus CrowdFunding? It only takes three minutes to fill out our pre-approval application and join! There’s never any obligation to you. But if you need up to 80% of your real estate project’s after-repair value paid out to you in as little as four days, you’ve come to the right place! Sign up and join the Z-Crowd today!

Posted on: July 17th, 2017