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It only takes 2 minutes and 57 seconds to fill out the Super-Simple Application™ and tell us what we need to know to get started with your home financing. And you won’t have to wait weeks to receive your terms. ZeusLending takes only days from application to closing. We pride ourselves on being the fastest mortgage lender in Houston, TX.

We’re Not Just Fast. We’re Flexible, Too!

Once we receive your application, our lending experts will quickly contact you to discuss financing strategy and provide you with the best options. Even if you’ve been denied in the past, ZeusLending will do our due diligence to find a financing strategy that will work for you. That’s the ZeusLending difference.

So Many Reasons to Love Zeus for Personal Home Financing

Interest Rate Protection Plan™

ZeusLending offers the greatest interest rates in the industry, and in order to validate that fact, we offer each customer our industry-exclusive and trademarked Interest Rate Protection Plan™ at no additional cost. The Interest Rate Protection Plan™ allows you to lock in your interest rate, which will prevent it from rising, but in the event that the market improves and rates decline, it also allows you to get a lower rate. That’s right: Lock in a rate to protect yourself if the market worsens, but if rates dip or trend down, then we’ll adjust your rate to match the market. There’s no catch and there are no additional fees. Ask your Zeus Loan Specialist for additional details.

Principal Reduction PLUS™

ZeusLending recognizes that many families like yours set a goal to pay off your mortgage the smartest, quickest way possible. This typically involves additional monthly principal payments, bi-weekly payment plans, and even lump-sum principal reductions from the sale of a home or a tax refund. The problem with these traditional plans is that your monthly mortgage payment is never reduced during the term of your mortgage, no matter how much you pay down your principal.

ZeusLending offers you our industry-exclusive and trademarked Principal Reduction PLUS™ plan at no additional cost, so families who make lump-sum principal reductions can have your monthly payment reduced based on your new principal balance. It’s that simple: Make a lump-sum principal reduction and your monthly payment will be readjusted to match your new outstanding principal balance. There’s no catch and there are no additional fees. Ask your Zeus Loan Specialist for additional details.

Lifetime Mortgage Warranty™

It’s one thing to say how good you are and it’s another to back it up with the industry’s only Lifetime Mortgage Warranty™. With the ZeusLending Lifetime Mortgage Warranty™, you get the confidence you need to focus on the more important parts of buying or refinancing your home. This industry-exclusive warranty guarantees the accuracy of your mortgage loan documents, provides document storage and retrieval for important documents like your survey and title policy, and aids with third-party needs such as escrow account deficiencies and property tax protests. We’re committed to creating life-long relationships with the greatest customers in the world, and we do this by standing behind our product for the life of your mortgage. There’s no catch and there are no additional fees. Ask your Zeus Loan Officer for additional details.

Elite Professional Service

Elite Professional Service is one of the reasons why customers like you love Zeus. We understand that one of the most important things in your life is your home and that clear communication about your mortgage is very important. Here at Zeus, we ensure clear communication by setting in stone a specific time to update everyone associated with your loan. This is our exclusive Elite Professional Service.

Your lending specialist or one of your other points of contact here at Zeus will give you, your real-estate agent, the listing agent, the title company, or anyone else you wish to be involved a phone call updating you on the status of your loan every Tuesday and Friday morning by 11 a.m. To increase our standard of communication, we will also follow up this phone call with an email confirming everything discussed. This doesn’t mean you can’t reach us on any other day of the week; it simply sets a consistent time when you can expect to be updated on your loan status.

Customer Gossip

Warning: This video contains unscripted testimonials from actual ZeusLending customers.

As one of the top ten real estate brokers in Houston for almost a decade, I have worked with hundreds of big and small mortgage lenders. It’s very rare for a mortgage lender to be ready to close before the buyer or seller are ready. When Zeus says they will finish the loan before the buyer is finished packing, these guys mean it! They really are the fastest mortgage lender in America!

– gary bisha, my castle realty / Houston, TX

We completed our home refinance and it went well, no problems. It has been a pleasure and I’d like to tell your boss how terrific and professional you are! You explain the process and are very prompt and responsive. I hope your boss knows what an asset you are! I will highly recommend anyone I know to call you at Zeus Mortgage!

– suzanne & robert h. / houston, tx

I just wanted to tell you that you are a pleasure to work with. If there is someone I can tell at your company ( a boss or someone higher up) how exemplary your work and communication skills are, I would love to do that for you. I hope you have a great Friday!

– cathy f. / houston, tx

Best Mortgage Experience ever! Very detailed, but great to work with. Really know their stuff. Thanks Zeus and Amanda!

– john m. / houston, tx

Thank you, Trey Narendorf, Lynn Espinosa and the Zeus team for all of your help during the refinance of our home! Looking forward to the new house payment with the lower interest rate! We close on Monday.

– rebecca c. / houston, tx

I highly recommend Zeus they are very professional and are there to help you get exactly what you are looking for. I just refinanced and I am very very pleased….thank you.

– lucy g. / houston, tx