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Investment property loans in Texas offer compelling advantages for real estate investors. These loans are used to finance purchasing or refinancing properties. Investment property loans can be used for rental homes, apartment buildings, or commercial buildings. Investment property loans differ from traditional home loans, as they are tailored for investments rather than primary residences.

One of the oldest adages in investing goes like this, “Land is always a good investment because we can’t make more of it.” This still rings true today and is an excellent way for someone to diversify their portfolio. With a booming real estate market and diverse investment options, you can capitalize on Texas’ thriving cities. With the right approach, investment property loans in Texas can be a lucrative opportunity for building wealth in real estate. But with so many options, how do you know which is best?

Looking for the best way to finance investment property? Smart Investors know to look no further! Zeus Lending helps them turn challenges into opportunities…Fast!

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Many times, a great real estate deal doesn’t fit into the tiny little boxes on a conventional loan form. Our objective is to fully understand your circumstances. What are your requirements? What’s the real estate asset? What’s your exit strategy? Armed with the facts, we tailor solutions that address the needs of your specific situation. This personalized level of service is what makes ZeusLending the premiere hard money and bridge loan lender in Texas.

Here are a few instances when ZeusLending hard money and bridge loans are the best financial choice:

Non-traditional Borrowers

Borrowers who have non-traditional income, non-traditional assets, or non-traditional credit are often limited in their financing options.

Non-traditional Properties

A property that needs flooring, HVAC, or appliances will not qualify for traditional financing. Properties that require renovations for the optimal resale value don’t qualify for traditional financing either.

Time Sensitive Closings

Distressed sales and purchases and time-sensitive and contingency closings are common in real estate. These scenarios require quick closings, but the average turnaround time for a traditional closing is 45 calendar days (depending on the market area). We can do better than that.

Unique Circumstances

Traditional, inside-the-box lending leaves no room for the story behind the circumstances. These stories can unveil fact patterns of liquidity, collateral, and opportunity. Imagine the single mother with poor credit and no income who is actually a widow of a slain police officer simply waiting for her new pension and life-insurance proceeds, or the retired executive with no reportable or taxable income, but large assets and a perfect credit profile.

Fast Funding

  • Fund your project in 5-10 business days!
  • Get on the fast track and fund your project in as few as 4 days!
  • We do the underwriting, so you’re funded faster.
  • Fund up to 100% of your project’s cost.

Custom Terms for Your Project

  • 6–60 months, interest only
  • Up to 80% ARV
  • Borrow from $25,000–$5 million
  • Low rates from 6.875%
  • Easy, flexible draw process

A Partner in Your Success

  • With almost 20 years in the business and with nearly $4 billion funded, investors just like you have counted on Zeus.
  • “Your success is our success!” We have the first stake in every project and are fully invested in you and your success.

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